iFAST-DWS Authorised Funds – Semi Annual Report for half-year ended 30 June 2021

Notice to Shareholders

The fund manager is pleased to inform you that the attached semi-annual report of the following funds for year ended 30 June 2021 are ready for your perusal at their company’s website:

The ISINs for the funds are:

Fund Name   ISIN
Prior to 30 July 2021 With effect from 30 July 2021  
Standalone Funds    
DWS Asia Premier Trust iFAST-DWS Asia Premier Trust A SG9999004675
DWS Lion Bond Fund-SGD CLASS A iFAST-DWS Lion Bond A SG9999004691
DWS Lion Bond Fund-SGD CLASS D iFAST-DWS Lion Bond D SG9999007975
DWS Lion Bond Fund-SGD CLASS I iFAST-DWS Lion Bond I SG9999014351
DWS Lion Bond Fund-SGD CLASS M iFAST-DWS Lion Bond M SG9999005839
DWS Premier Select Trust Class A iFAST-DWS Premier Select Trust A SG9999004683
DWS Premier Select Trust Class I iFAST-DWS Premier Select Trust I SG9999018675
DWS Premier Investments Funds iFAST-DWS Premier Investments Funds  
DWS China Equity Fund A iFAST-DWS China Equity A SG9999004766
DWS Global Themes Equity Fund A iFAST-DWS Global Themes Equity A SG9999004824
DWS Global Themes Equity Fund B iFAST-DWS Global Themes Equity B SG9999004832
DWS India Equity Fund A iFAST-DWS India Equity A SG9999004857
DWS India Equity Fund I iFAST-DWS India Equity I SG9999004873
DWS India Equity Fund J iFAST-DWS India Equity J SG9999004881
DWS Singapore Equity Fund A iFAST-DWS Singapore Equity A SG9999004923
DWS Singapore Equity Fund M iFAST-DWS Singapore Equity M SG9999006068

For full details, please refer to the shareholder notification letter

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