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Access US Options as a flexible alternative to trading the underlying securities, while offering a higher potential return at a fixed risk.

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Benefits of Options

Generate income regardless of bull/bear markets. Bullish on a particular stock? Buy a Call Option and earn when the stock prices rises. Bearish on a particular stock? Buy a Put Option and earn when stock prices fall.
Minimise potential downside risks and limit potential losses on other open positions. Buy a Put Option with the strike price near the stock entry price to cover some loss, while only risking the cost of buying the Put Option.
Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. With Options, access more sectors, diversify your spread and exposure for a smaller amount of capital. In addition, diversify your exposure and hedge against losses.
Limit Risk and Increase Returns
Limit your risk to pay only the premium (a fraction of the cost of the underlying) with Options. Reduce the cost of holding a stock by selling higher Call Options to earn a premium (increase return).
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Limit risk & maximise returns with Options

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Limit risk & maximise returns with Options

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