Share Financing Account (V)

No. You would have to transfer the shares into your Share Financing (V) Account before you can sell them.
No. You would have to transfer the shares into your Share Financing (V) Account before you can sell them.
You can transfer the shares by signing the relevant forms. Please contact your trading representative for a copy of the form.
It will take about two working days for the shares to be transferred into your Share Financing (V) Account.
Your Share Financing (V) Account will be ready for trading within five working days upon receiving your completed application if all the requirements are met.
The time it takes to open an account from overseas depends on the postage time required to send the forms to you and for you to return the completed forms back to us. Once the account is opened, we will send the Internet password via mail to you. The whole account opening process may take approximately two weeks or more.
Please refer to Share Financing (V) Account Infosheet.
  1. You need to be 21 years and above to open an account with us.
  2. Your account opening documents need to be certified by a public notary, commissioner of oaths, or judicial officer.
  3. You are not blacklisted with the Singapore Exchange (SGX) or with any other securities firm nor have any delinquent account with any other securities firms.
The required collateral must be received by the due date (i.e. T+2). Please take note that share transfer takes 3 working days to be effective.
Anyone who is above the age of 21 years old.
Share Financing (V) Account and Margin (M) Account both offer securities financing facilities. Apart from the interest rates on debit balances, other primary differences include the range of multi-currency facilities offered, the availability of Excess Funds Management (MMF) service and the grace period for margin maintenance top-up. For further details, please refer to the respective Product Information Sheets.
To request for a higher credit limit, the customer is required to contact his/her Trading Representative. The Trading Representative will submit a request to the company for review. This generally takes 3-5 working days for processing. Requests for a substantially higher limit may take longer for review. Upon approval of the new credit limit, the customer will receive a notification from the company.
Please take note that there will not be any automated currency conversion for trade settlement in the trading account. You are required to take the necessary steps to either transfer money into the trading account or submit a currency conversion request to avoid being charged debit interest. Please contact your Trading Representative for any assistance.