How to make your MONEY work harder 24/7! August 24, 2022

How to make your MONEY work harder 24/7!

A safe haven for Investors

With the constant bombardment of advertisements on cash parking facilities especially in the current market situation, it may be increasingly confusing and difficult to make a choice. In recent times, some bonds have caused suffering, the stock market has not brought much joy, and inflation is increasingly worrisome. But there is a silver lining – Money Market Fund is finally beginning to pay a considerable amount of returns!

What is Money Market Fund?

Money Market Fund (MMF) is a type of mutual fund that invests in Fixed Deposits and highly liquid, short-term cash equivalent instruments called Money Market Instruments. These instruments include cash, cash equivalent securities and high credit rating debt-based securities with a short-term maturity.

Why Money Market Fund?

Both small-time investors and major institutions can hold money temporarily in these funds as they are a handy investment tool. Since the collapse in March 2020, the MMF yields have consistently been very low (close to zero), earning investors practically close to nothing.

However, consumer MMF yields have started to rise in 2022 and will continue to grow if the Federal Reserve continues to raise the short-term interest rates it directly controls.

But don’t get too excited just yet! This is not a case of returning to the early 1980s, where the Money Market rates soared to above 15 percent, along with the rate of inflation.

Following the “lower-for-longer” yield environment of the previous two years, investors are now faced with new considerations pertaining to yield, price stability and liquidity as global central banks continue the rate hikes this year.

In the current climate of rising interest rates, investors may want to think about using MMF as an alternative to bank deposits. Historically, MMFs have surpassed bank deposit rates although they (bank deposits) have provided a marginally higher yield than MMFs in the run-up to previous rate hike cycles.

This distinction is primarily due to how MMFs and bank deposits are structured. Bank deposits are unsecured obligations that banks have on their balance sheets, whereas MMFs are diversified portfolios of highly liquid assets. Rate increases are reflected in the assets that MMFs hold (subject to the underlying portfolio positioning), but deposit rates are fully controlled by individual banks. This means that the balance sheet and funding requirements of banks place an inherent limit on the yield potential of depositors.

As people need safe places to keep their short-term funds in the current uncertain markets, Money Market Fund may be a better option as compared to a bank deposit, as it restricts one’s fund liquidity.

Phillip Money Market Fund (PMMF):

Phillip Money Market Fund has been in existence since 16 April 2001, with a zero-credit default for the past 21 years. As of 29 July 2022, the fund size was at S$1,106 million, making it the second largest Money Market Fund in Singapore.

It sets itself apart from other Money Market Funds as it was the first in the market to have a T+0 dealing time. Since its inception, the fund has had a stable performance with no lock up and redemption penalty.

How to make your MONEY work harder 24/7!Source:

*A Money Market Fund is for a short duration and runs on daily annualised return. PMMF 30-day (monthly) annualised yield is updated on a weekly basis. As it looks at monthly annualised return on a weekly basis it is a more accurate reflection of the current market environment as compared to a 1-year rolling annualised return.

Watch it here.

There are so many choices out in the market. Let’s take a deeper study below.

Phillip Money Market Fund Vs Other Money Market Fund

How to make your MONEY work harder 24/7!Source: PhillipCapital Management Pte Ltd

As seen from above, Phillip Money Market fund was able to maintain an increasing NAV (Net Asset Value) throughout the Global Financial Crisis in 2008. Conservative security selection ensured that none of the portfolio’s fixed income holdings faced default. Unfortunately, there were certain money market funds that ‘broke the buck’ due to their investments in fixed income securities issued by Lehman Brothers.

How to make your MONEY work harder 24/7!

*SDF = Short Term Duration Fund
*MMF1 = Other Money Market Fund Provider
Source: Phillip Capital Management Pte Ltd

How to make your MONEY work harder 24/7!

*SDF = Short Term Duration Fund
*MMF1 = Other Money Market Fund Provider
Source: Phillip Capital Management Pte Ltd

How to make your MONEY work harder 24/7!

*SDF = Short Term Duration Fund
*MMF1 = Other Money Market Fund Provider
Source: Phillip Capital Management Pte Ltd

How to make your MONEY work harder 24/7!

*SDF = Short Term Duration Fund
*MMF1 = Other Money Market Fund Provider
Source: Phillip Capital Management Pte Ltd

From these 4 charts you can see that Phillip Money Market Fund is very stable and is not volatile, compared to the other 2 MMFs.

How to make your MONEY work harder 24/7!Source: Phillip Capital Management

This is further shown in the table above where Phillip Money Market Fund only has 2 days of negative returns in the past 12 years in comparison to Short Duration Bond Fund and Money Market Fund 1.

Keen to learn how you can start growing your cash effortlessly?

At Phillip Securities, we have an Excess Fund Management Facility (SMART Park) that helps you manage your cash.

SMART Park is an excess fund facility that manages your trading account’s idle cash by investing it, on a discretionary basis. The funds are invested into Phillip Money Market Fund for SGD and Phillip US Dollar Money Market Fund A for USD.

How do I subscribe to the Excess Funds Facility Management (SMART Park)?

For those who have no accounts with us

  • If you have yet to open an account, you may open one, and opt into the Excess Funds Management Facility (SMART Park) at the same time.

For existing account holders

  • You can opt-in (using the methods below) and transfer your funds into SMART Park.

1. Opt-In via your POEMS Account here

  • Log in to and head to Account Management > Online Forms > Excess Fund Authorisation to opt-in

2. Opt-In via the Phillip MyWealth App

  • Download Phillip MyWealth App via the Appstore or Playstore
  • Log in to MyWealth App
  • Click on Smart Series > Smart Park > Select the Account Number to Opt-In

    How to make your MONEY work harder 24/7!

  • Once you have opted in, excess funds in your POEMS Account with a minimum balance of SGD100 will be automatically invested into the Phillip Money Market Fund.
  • Fund your account using the Deposit fund option on the POEMS platform, POEMS 2.0/3.0 Mobile App or MyWealth App.

For other funding methods, click here.

What if I need my funds and want to use the funds for investments?

2) The funds will be automatically redeemed from the facility under any of the following scenarios:

  • For shares payment, other investment purchases or transactional fees charged
  • For funds withdrawal request by the account holder

There are no sales charges or administrative fees for depositing or withdrawing your money from SMART Park.

It is that easy and convenient! The beauty of it is that there is no lock in period. While you are waiting for the next investment opportunity, you can grow your idle cash with SMART Park!

Make your money work harder and SMARTER, Start Now!


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