Frequently Asked Questions

We offer both company warrants and structured warrants.

For company warrant, simply search up the company’s name and identify warrant with a “W” or “CW” code. For example: Beverly Jog Limited’s warrant -> Beverly JCG W240531.

For structured warrant, you can search up the company’s name and identify warrant with a “W” as well as issuer’s code. For example: Meituan’s’ warrant issued by Macquarie Bank (MB) -> Meituan MB eCW221004@.

Alternatively, you may select the market preferred and use filter “Warrants Top 30 Volume” which will extract the 30 most traded warrants.

You will need the following documents on hand before you can exercise your warrants:

  • Your latest CDP Securities Account Statement which shows the number of warrants you have in your holdings. You can also check your holdings via CDP Internet or CDP Phone
  • Exercise notice from the Warrant Agent
  • Subscription amount in the form of a cashier’s order made payable to the issuer

Complete and sign the exercise notice with the following details:

  • Name
  • Address
  • CDP Securities Account number
  • NRIC number
  • Number of warrants converted *
  • Number of shares subscribed *

* The number of shares subscribed for every warrant held depends on the conversion ratio.
Submit the above documents and payment to the Warrant Agent. It will in turn inform us of your exercise notice after it has verified your particulars. This is, in effect, the Lodgement Date (L).

You can check with the company which issued the warrants.

You cannot use CPF funds to subscribe for warrant entitlements. You may either sell your entitlement, the procedure being similar to that when you sell shares purchased with your CPF savings or subscribe for the warrants by

  • providing your CPF Agent Bank with the cash to subscribe for the warrants on your behalf
  • transferring the warrant entitlement from your CPF Investment Account to your CDP Securities Account before you subscribe in cash

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