Notice: Introduction of new SGX “Trade at Close” (TAC) session from 3 June 2019

SGX will be introducing a new “Trade at Close” (TAC) trading session from 3 June 2019.

The TAC session is a 10 minute long session commencing immediately after the closing auction routine (i.e. 5.06pm to 5.16pm for normal day trading and 12.06pm to 12.16pm for half-day trading) which allows you to execute orders at the closing auction price set during the closing auction routine.

You may use this extended trading phase to transact at the established closing price or fill orders not completed during the closing auction.

TAC is available for a security on a trading day only if there is a closing price established during the closing auction on that same day. Correspondingly, TAC will not be applicable for a security if there is no closing auction price on that day (including ETFs which may have an alternative closing price).

SGX will purge all unfilled long dated (Good-till-Date, Good-till-Maximum) orders placed prior to 31 May 2019 (Friday) market close.

You may re-enter your orders on 31 May 2019 (Friday), from 5.26pm onwards.

Click here to refer to the new SGX Trading Hours.

Click here for more information regarding SGX Trade-At-Close (TAC).

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