A programme specially designed for individuals aged between 18 and 29, we are here to provide you with all the support while you embark on your investment journey.


Ongoing Guidance from
Relationship Managers

Hear from Financial
Experts & Analysts

Priority invites to
events & seminars

Online Tutorials



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Reasons you should start your investment journey with PhillipCapital

Diverse Investment Choices

Stocks & Shares

Enjoy minimum commission and access to 15 markets

Exchange Traded Fund

Access to over 2,000 globally listed ETFs on SGX, Bursa, HKSE, AMEX, NYSE, NASDAQ, and many more

Smart Portfolio

Offer you convenience through our one-stop solutions while you let us take control of your investments and grow your wealth

Unit Trust

Choose from over 1,000 funds at no sales charge and no platform fees


Go for the most comprehensive and affordable insurance plans after reviewing the offerings from more than 10 insurance partners

Regular Savings Plan

Invest with as little as S$100 a month to buy into shares, ETF and unit trusts

Cutting-edge Trading Platforms


For investors of all levels who want to easily trade multiple products through one platform

POEMS Mobile

For the trader on-the-go who wants to easily trade multiple products anytime, anywhere


For the active trader who requires an advanced trading platform

Boundless Informative, Enriching & Useful Contents

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