Bonds Trading

Bond Pricing

No Commissions

No Processing Fees

No Platform Fees

No Custody Fees*
*For bonds cleared via CDP (local bonds only)

All Bond Price Quotes are Net of Fees

We offer clearing of bonds through CDP, allowing you to hold local bonds in CDP.

Custody Fees (subject to GST)
Foreign bonds – bonds cleared via Clearstream / Euroclear 0.05% p.a. on market value of bond (charged on a monthly basis)
Local bonds – bonds cleared via Central Depository (“CDP”) No charge unless otherwise notified by CDP
Transfer Fees (subject to GST)
CDP to Phillip Securities (“PSPL”) SGD10.00 CDP charges
Other Financial Institutions to PSPL USD18.00 per counter
PSPL to CDP SGD100.00
PSPL to Other Financial Institutions SGD100.00
Account Maintenance Charges (subject to GST)
Cash Management Account No Charges
Other Account types Waived*

*Waiver condition is at least 1 trade per quarter for the Account. Otherwise, S$15.00 (subjected to prevailing GST) per quarter is chargeable based on March, June, September and December month-end Account balance.

*All fees and charges above are based on Per Counter Per Transfer basis and are subject to GST.

*PSPL reserves the right to impose other charges or to revise the fees and charges without prior notice.

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