Eastspring Investments - US Corporate Bd Fd A USD

PSPL Risk Classification: Low to Medium

This Sub-Fund aims to outperform the return of Bloomberg Barclays US Credit Index (“Benchmark”). The Sub-Fund is actively managed. The Benchmark is used as a reference point for portfolio construction and as a basis for setting risk constraints. The majority of the Sub-Fund’s exposure to bonds will refer and have similar weightings to the Benchmark. The Investment Manager may use its discretion to invest in bonds not included in the Benchmark in order to take advantage of specific investment opportunities. It is thus expected that the performance of the Sub-Fund will to a limited extent deviate from the Benchmark.
Fund Information
  • Asset Class:Fixed Income
  • Sector:Diversified
  • Geography:United States
  • Benchmark index:Bloomberg Barclays Credit Most Conservative 2% Issuer Cap Bond Index
  • Launch Date:07 Feb 2011
  • Launch Price:USD 10
  • Fund Currency:USD
  • Fund Source: CASH
  • CPF Risk Classification:
  • Price Made Known On:T+2
  • Price Type:Net Asset Value
  • Dealing Cut Off Time:3:00PM Spore Time
Minimum Investment AmountUSD 1000---
Minimum Subsequent InvestmentUSD 100---
Minimum Redemption Amount ($)/units0 Unit(s)---
Relevant Charges
POEMS Sales Charge0%---
Internal Switch-in Charge/Min Switch-in Charge0.00 % / $ 0.00---
External Switch-in ChargeNA---
Redemption/Realisation ChargeNA---
Annual Management Fee0.9%---
Annual Trustee Fee---
Expense Ratio1.19%---
Fund Manager Sales ChargeNA---
Admin FeeNA---
Period Performance (%) Volatility (%) Ratio
1 Year -1.18 7.52 -0.16
2 Years NA 9.48 NA
3 Years NA 10.36 NA
5 Years 4.97 13.90 0.36
10 Years NA NA NA

The performance figures are calculated using NAV to NAV prices (before sales charge, if any) and does not take into account dividends, if any.

Morningstar Ratings
3 Years
5 Years
10 Years