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About Strategy & Stock Picks

Strategy & Stock Picks is a quarterly event organised specifically for investors to gain professional insights into the outlook of the SG, MY, HK & CN and US Stock Markets. We hope that through this session, investors can better plan ahead and invest in companies that suit their investment strategies and goals.

In this quarter of 2022, the markets continue to be volatile as a consequence of the Fed interest rate hikes along with multiple other factors such as inflation, recessions, stagflation, energy prices, China’s zero-COVID19 policy, and the Russia-Ukraine conflict. However, the Singapore economy remains healthy with the reopening underway and investments returning. The domestic economy is enjoying a rebound in retail spending, construction activity, property purchase and tourist arrivals. The equity market is sheltered from rising inflation as rising interest rates are a growth driver for the banks. Although the global markets are slowing down, there are still opportunities to look out for, more of which will be shared by our speakers.

Join us ONLINE on 8 October 9am, 11 October 2pm & 13 October 8pm to hear valuable insights from our research analysts.

Programme Flow

8 October 2022 | 9 am – 11 am

Singapore Market

Paul Chew | Head of Research | Phillip Securities Research

8 October 2022 | 11 am – 12 pm

Malaysia Market

Phua Lee Kerk | Chief Strategist | Phillip Research Sdn Bhd

11 October 2022 | 2 pm – 3:30 pm

Hong Kong & China Market

Louis Wong | Director | Phillip Securities (HK) Limited

13 October 2022 | 8 pm – 9 pm

United States Market

Jonathan Woo | Senior Research Analyst | Phillip Securities Research
Ambrish Shah | Research Analyst | Phillip Securities Research

What Others Say

“All are good and informative. Always tries their best to answer all queries.”

From Strategy & Stock Picks 2Q2022

“Watching these webinars gives me some confidence to invest… I’m not an experienced investor (and) only own my employers share options… but gaining ground in the past few months watching your webinars.”

From Strategy & Stock Picks 1Q2022

“Happy. Informative. Good insight on the companies pick. Must say the standard from the team is good and did not waste my Saturday morning.”

From Strategy & Stock Picks 4Q2021

“Great experience having tuned in to this informative seminar which really helps me better understand the current and future market outlook.”

From Strategy & Stock Picks 3Q2021

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We are using the up-vote system where Q&A will start from questions with the highest number of votes. Due to time constraint, similar questions will only be answered once. Also, speakers will only answer questions specific to the presenting market. We will clear off all the questions after each session as not to confuse the next speaker.

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