DWS Premier Trust – Notification of change in Managers and Name of trust

Notice to Shareholders

The fund manager is pleased to inform you on the change in managers and name of trust with effect from 30 July 2021 .

The ISINs for the funds are:


Fund Name ISIN
DWS China Equity Fund A SG9999004766
DWS China Equity Fund B SG9999004774
DWS China Equity Fund I SG9999004782
DWS China Equity Fund J SG9999004790
DWS Global Themes Equity Fund A SG9999004824
DWS Global Themes Equity Fund B SG9999004832
DWS Global Themes Equity Fund I SG9999004840
DWS India Equity Fund A SG9999004857
DWS India Equity Fund B SG9999004865
DWS India Equity Fund I SG9999004873
DWS India Equity Fund J SG9999004881
DWS Singapore Equity Fund A SG9999004923
DWS Singapore Equity Fund B SG9999004931
DWS Singapore Equity Fund M SG9999006068

For full details, please refer to the shareholder notification letter

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