Why link your CDP Account?

A CDP Linked Cash Management Account, is ideal for those who prefer to place their Singapore stocks and bonds within the Central Depository (CDP) for peace of mind and convenience.

Benefits of a CDP Linked Account

Easy Dividend Transfer

Your stock dividends or bond coupons will go directly into your bank account linked to the CDP.

No Custody Fee & Corporate Action Handling Fee

Corporate actions include dividends, rights issues, and stock splits.

AGM invitations

Receive invitations to Annual General Meetings (AGM) as a shareholder and vote directly.


Although stocks and bonds under the custody of brokers are legally protected from broker insolvency, enjoy peace of mind by keeping these assets directly under your name with your CDP Account under the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX).

Direct share ownership

Shares and bonds are directly held under your name with the CDP.

Singapore Government Bonds (SGS) and Treasury Bills (T-bill) bought through ATMs are also kept within your CDP Account.

How Do I Open a CDP Linked Account?

For those who have an existing CDP Account

For those who do not have CDP Account

Behind every account, we have an Equity Specialist ready to walk your investment journey with you.

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What’s More?

Not only CDP Linked Account, but also, we have useful features in Cash Management Account


Invest in CPF or SRS approved shares and bonds.

Multi Exchange Access

Enjoy Access to 26 Exchanges, including US, HK, Malaysia, and more!

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Multi Assets

Access ETFs, Unit Trusts, CFD, Forex, Futures, and Robo-Related Advisory Solutions!

Cash Solutions

Park and Earn
SGD 2.1338% p.a.
USD 2.6407% p.a.
Rates updated as of 10 Oct 2022
Return (7 Day) Annualised#
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Charged once

Pay only once for the same counter, same side (buy/sell) on the same day

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# Based on the average rate of annualised returns over the last rolling week.

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. View disclaimer

For more information, please read our Cash Management Account Infosheet

Settle with 10 different currencies

SGD, USD, HKD, AUD, MYR, JPY, GBP, EUR, CNY, CAD.Click here to see if you have already opted in for our multicurrency services.

Ease of funding and withdrawal

With PayNow or FAST, the funds will be credited within 15 minutes from your bank account. With your account linked to your local banks, withdrawal request submitted before 10am will be processed almost immediately.

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Complimentary live prices6 for US, Thailand, Malaysia, & Indonesia

Receive insights from our timely market research to make your trading decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. As long as you have sufficient trading limit, you are not required to prefund the account, including CPF and SRS trades. Contact your Trading Representative for your trading limits.

Yes. However, the joint applicant must be above the age of 18 years old. Both the main and joint applicants must first open a joint CDP Account. The joint CDP account can be opened at our Phillip Investor Centres(PICs).

Yes, Singapore shares held in CDP directly under your name can be sold through your Cash Management (KC) Account. Foreign shares bought through other securities must first be transferred into your Cash Management (KC) Account before you can start selling through it.

Yes, you can sell shares allotted through IPO. The shares listed on SGX will be credited into your CDP account. Once the shares have been credited, clients can sell through their Cash Management (KC) Account.

Conversion can be done online via POEMS, under STOCKS > ACCT MGMT > Online Forms or you may also mail a conversion form to us. Cash Trading Account with existing GIRO facility has to be terminated before we can process the conversion.

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