What is ‘Amalgamate’?

For markets that allow amalgamation, the auto-amalgamate feature enables you to combine your orders based on your average traded price. This will allow you to save on your brokerages.

Conditions for auto-amalgamate:

  1. The trades must be done on the same trading day.
  2. The trades must be of the same stock.
  3. The trades must be of the same action. (A buy action can be amalgamated with another buy action regardless of the trading mode)
  4. The trade is done through the same account.
  5. The payment mode must be the same. (cash or CPF)
  6. The settlement currency must be the same. (USD or SGD or HKD or AUD or MYR or JPY)

Note: Trades amalgamation might not be applicable to certain foreign markets (e.g. US, UK, Canada, Europe). Please refer to Global Markets site for more information. Please note that the online rate will apply for amalgamation of trades across different trading channels e.g. broker-assisted, POEMS online.

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