What is One-Click Trading and How to Execute DLCs in POEMS Pro?

A trader needs to execute trades in a speedy and timely manner to seize opportunities and react quickly to changes in the market.

Speed is an important element in active trading, especially when traders typically analyse trends, search for new opportunities and anticipate the right time to place trades.


What is One-Click Trading?

One-Click Trading is a feature that allows traders to execute trades in a single click, removing the need for secondary confirmation. This feature is typically used for faster order submission execution.


One-Click Trading with OB Trader

OB Trader, which stands for Order Book Trader, is an exclusive trading tool available for free on POEMS Pro. It can come in handy when you trade fast-moving products such as Daily Leveraged Certificates (DLCs). DLC is a simple leveraged trading product that allows investors to amplified potential return from both ups and downs of an underlying asset. If you wonder what is a DLC you can visit here.

A powerful desktop-based application designed for active traders, POEMS Pro is fully customisable with advanced tools to offer users a high performance and efficient trading experience.

With OB Trader, users are allowed to submit, amend and withdraw trades on the Live Price or Market Depth, in just a single click.

Asset Classes available: Stocks (e.g. DLC, ETF, warrants), CFD, CFD-DMAs, CFD Indices

Exchanges available*: SGX, NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, HKEX, TSE, KLSE and SET (stocks only)

*Live price / Market Depth subscription is required.


Why use OB Trader?

With OB Trader, you can enjoy:

  1. Fast submission of trades in markets with Live Prices
  2. Easy withdrawal of orders
  3. Clear visualisation of orders in queue
  4. Ability to view and amend orders for multiple counters by stacking modules side by side


What are the scenarios in which OB Trader would come in handy?

Set up your own trading and risk management rule: You may set up a trading rule, such as taking an entry long position at $0.194, taking profit at $0.199 and cutting loss at $0.192 by a few clicks. You will be able to monitor the working orders as the price moves, and take the necessary actions when the market moves in favour of, or against, you by amending the ‘take profit’ or ‘cut loss’ order’s price in a single click via OB Trader.


Protect your risk exposure: In the event of adverse volatility in the market, you can protect your risk exposure by quickly withdrawing all outstanding Buy/ Sell orders in the queue (by simply clicking the ‘X’ header via OB Trader).


Scalping strategy: You may queue your Buy and Sell orders at both sides of a liquid and slow moving counter in the hopes that you may profit from the spread. You may fine-tune your trading strategy swiftly by amending and withdrawing your orders in just a single click via OB Trader.


How can I access OB Trader?

You can start by downloading POEMS Pro.

Click on the OB Trader tab (located at the top of the workspace) once you have launched the application.

Next, search and select your desired instrument via the Search bar within the OB Trader module.


How do I submit/amend/withdraw orders on OB Trader?

Submitting Orders For Limit Orders:

  • Double Left Click on the BVol/SVol column at your desired price to submit a Buy/Sell Limit Order
  • Ctrl + Double Left Click on SVol column at desired price to Buy at/above best Ask Price
  • Ctrl + Double Left Click on BVol column at desired price to Sell at/below best Bid Price
  • Single Left Click on respective buttons to Buy/Sell at current Ask/Bid Price

For Limit Orders:

  • Single Right Click on BVol/SVol column at desired price to submit a Buy/Sell Limit Order

Amend Orders

  • Single Right Click on Limit or Stop Limit Order(s) queued

Withdraw Orders

  • Double Left Click on Limit or Stop Limit Order(s) queued OR
  • Single Left Click on the “X” at the top of the column of Bid/Ask Queued Orders to withdraw ALL Bid/Ask orders


OB Trader in Ladder View

To opt for Ladder View, simply click on the icon at the top right corner of the module, located underneath the ‘Search’ icon.


You may refer to the following video demonstration on how to trade using OB Trader:


Ready to begin using OB Trader? Start by downloading POEMS Pro today.

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