Risk Warning Statement (RWS) Form

Risk Warning Statement (RWS) Form

It is a risk warning disclosure which highlights the key risks that customers should be aware of before trading in overseas-listed investment products. These include differences in legal systems, regulatory regime, political, social and economic developments as well as differences in costs, counterparty and correspondent broker risks between the foreign jurisdictions and Singapore.

You may submit your acknowledgement of Risk Warning Statement through one of the following ways:

1. Log in to your online trading account via POEMS 2.0 platform. Complete and submit the RWS Form by going to "Acct Mgmt" > "Stocks" > "RWS Acknowledgement" > "Submit".

2. Approach any Phillip Investor Centres or contact your Trading Representative to complete the physical RWS Acknowledgement form or email the scanned copy to your Trading Representative.

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