Cash Plus Account

Brokerage rate is determined based on the previous day end’s Total Asset Value in the Account.

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Asset Value



SGD250,000 and above


0.06%, No Min Comm

United States

US$ 1.88 flat

Hong Kong

0.05%, min HKD 15


0.08%, min CNH 50


0.08%, min MYR 8.80


0.12%, min THB 300


0.12%, min IDR 150,000


0.12%, min JPY 1000


0.12%, min AUD 15

United Kingdom

0.12%, min GBP 10


0.12%, min EUR 8


0.12%, min TRY 50

Other Markets

As published

Other Fees & Charges

Account Maintenance Fee (SGX)


Foreign Shares Custody Charges


Dividend Handling Fee (SGX)



Credit balance


Debit balance


For more details, please refer to the Cash Plus Account Infosheet
Note: Reduced rates are only applicable to ONLINE trades. For offline rates, please click here.


Why Cash Plus Account?

Multi-currency facility: Settle trades with 10 different currencies – SGD, USD, HKD, AUD, MYR, JPY, GBP, EUR, CNY, CAD

No US and HK Custody Fee, No Platform Fee

Complimentary live prices6 for US, Thailand, & Malaysia

Manage your idle cash into money market fund. *SGD 3.4848% p.a., US$ 4.5896% p.a.

Rates updated as of 17 Jul 2023
*Based on the average rate of annualised returns over the last rolling week.
Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. View disclaimer

Financing available in 9 Currencies – SGD, USD, HKD, JPY, AUD, GBP, EUR, CNY & CAD

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Our experienced technical and support teams are committed to ensure a seamless trading experience for you.

Receive insights from our timely market research to make your trading decisions.

0% Sales Charge, 0% Switching Fee, 0% Platform Fee over 2000+ Unit Trusts.

Start Small With Your Cash Plus Account

First in town – Recurring Plan for Dollars Cost Averaging

Recurring Plan gives you more control over your investments. It works similarly to the other plans, whereby it aims to manage market risk through the use of Dollar Cost Averaging. You gradually build your portfolio over a period of time with a fixed amount of regular investment that is determined by you, purchasing more units when the price is low and fewer units when price is high.


Frequently Asked Questions

Total Asset Value is calculated based on clients’ credit balance, value of shares and bonds in the Cash Plus Account. Debit balance will not be deducted from the value of clients’ credit balance, value of shares and bonds to determine Total Asset Value. Illustration: 1) When a client has S$150,000 in Shares in his Cash Plus Account and S$100,000 credit balance, he will be deemed to have a total asset value of S$250,000. 2) When a client has S$250,000 in credit balance in his Cash Plus Account, he will be deemed to have a total asset value of S$250,000. 3) When a client has S$250,000 in Shares in his Cash Plus Account and S$100,000 debit balance, he will be deemed to have a total asset value of S$250,000.

For POEMS 2.0:
Login to POEMS 2.0 > Acct Mgmt > Stocks > Account Details or visit here

For POEMS Mobile 3 App:

Login to POEMS Mobile 3 App > Trade tab or visit here
Custody fees consists of Account Maintenance Fee and Foreign Share Custody Charges that are deducted on January, April, July and October, based on three-month average Total Asset Value, prior to those deduction months. For new account that does not have a full three-month average, daily average of Total Asset Value will be used starting from account opening date. For converted account that does not have a full three-month average, daily average of Total Asset Value will be calculated starting from conversion date.
Dividend Handling Fee will be waived for Total Asset Value of SGD250,000 and above, based on the previous end of day’s settled Total Asset Value held in your Account in custody with Phillip Securities Pte Ltd (PSPL).
In the event of a corporate action, only the value of remaining shares and cash in your Account will be included in the Total Asset Value for determining your brokerage rate and Dividend Handling Fee (SGX).
Yes. The Cash Plus account will need to have sufficient Available Cash before you may place a buy trade. Please refer to Section 3(A) of the Cash Plus Account Information Sheet for more details. Do note that shares settled with your CPF or SRS monies will not be included in the computation of your Total Asset Value. All amendments and revoked CPF/SRS trades will be subject to the Singapore rate of 0.28%, min SGD25.
All custody accounts, namely Prepaid (CC) Account, Custodian (C) Account, Margin (M) Account are eligible for conversion. There is a limit to the number of times you can do the account conversion. Please understand the Account features before emailing the conversion form to your trading representative. Alternatively, you can email it to
Anyone who is 18 years old and above can open the Account. However, margin facility will be made available upon request for customers above 21 years old.
Cash Plus Account is a custody type account. Barring CPF/SRS trades, all trades will need to be settled in the Cash Plus Account. Pursuant to settlement, if you wish, you may request to transfer out your shares to an external custodian, where applicable transfer out fees as stated will apply.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Waiver condition is at least 1 trade per quarter for the Account. Otherwise, S$15.00 (subject to GST) per quarter is chargeable based on March, June, September and December month-end Account balance.
  2. Waived for US and HK Foreign Custody fee until 31 December 2024. Please refer to Cash Plus Account Infosheet for charges thereafter.
  3. Cash Dividend: 1% on net dividend, minimum of S$1.00 and capped at S$50.00 (subject to GST) + Foreign fees and taxes (if applicable).
  4. For more information, please refer to Cash Plus Account Infosheet. Alternatively, you may wish to opt-in for the Excess Funds Management facility to enjoy potentially greater returns on any surplus funds (credit balance) parked in your account.
  5. Interest on debit balance is applicable when you utilise the Margin facility. For more information, please refer to Cash Plus Account Infosheet.
  6. Only non-professionals are eligible for the complimentary live price subscription. For details, please visit

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