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 How do I make amendments on my Unit Trust RSP?

Amendment of investment instruction(s) such as change of funds (including increasing or reducing the fund to invest), investment amount, fund source or frequency can be done via POEMS or physical form. No charges will be imposed for any changes made.

a. Amendment(s) via POEMS:

Login to POEMS > Acct Mgmt > Regular Savings Plan (RSP) > Unit Trust RSP > Investment Instruction > Amend

Please note that amendment(s) made via POEMS will not be reflected immediately. The updated investment instruction will be reflected after it has been processed. Instructions received via POEMS will take up to 30 business days to come into effect.


b. Amendment(s) via Physical Form

Kindly seek assistance from your Financial Adviser Representative or visit any of our Phillip Investor Centres to complete the form submission.

Form submissions received will take up to 30 business days to come into effect.



Some funds will require a minimum initial investment. For such funds, you must have lumpsum holdings prior to the application or amendment of the Unit Trust RSP. Otherwise, your application or amendment for the Unit Trust RSP may be rejected.

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