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 How do I opt-in for SMART Park (Excess Funds Management Facility) and invest in Phillip Money Market Fund??

PhillipCapital’s Excess Funds Management Facility, also known as SMART Park, allows you to park your idle money for returns while you wait for investment opportunities. SMART Park invests on a discretionary basis into the Phillip Money Market Fund.

Opt-In on POEMS

Opt-In on POEMS

1. If you would like to opt-in online using another device, kindly follow these steps:
Login > Acct Mgmt > Stocks > Online Forms > Account Application > Excess Fund Authorisation.

2. You may also opt-in to SMART Park via MyWealth App. Simply log in to your account > Select Smart Series > SMART Park > Select the desired account and click on the “Opt-in” button.

Alternatively, you may contact your Financial Advisor or our call centre at 6531 1555 for assistance.

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