Frequently Asked Questions


What are e-Statements?

e-Statements are electronic versions of your monthly statements and contract notes. You will be able to retrieve it online via POEMS/FAME anytime, anywhere.

Who are eligible for e-Statement service?

Customers who have POEMS/FAME access AND a valid email address.

How do I enrol for e-Statement service?

In our continuous effort to provide greater convenience to our customers, eligible customers will be auto-enrolled for this free service.

What are the benefits of e-Statements?

It is safe, secured and environmentally friendly. With one login, you will be able to see all your e-Statements, with instant access of up to 12 months for past monthly statements and up to 3 months for past contract notes from the time you are enrolled.

Do I need to pay for the e-Statement service?

The service is provided free of charge.

When can I retrieve my e-Statements through POEMS?

We will send email notification(s) to your latest updated email address when your e-Statements are ready for viewing.

Can I retrieve all my e-Statements using one POEMS login?

Yes, except for joint accounts which will be available via the specific joint account's login.

Do I need a password to access my e-Statements?

After you have successfully logged in to POEMS/FAME, no additional password will be required.

Will I still receive paper statements if I am enrolled for e-Statement service?

You will no longer receive paper statements. Your subsequent statements will be available to you online.

Can I choose to receive e-Statements for some accounts and paper statements for other accounts?

Once you are enrolled for e-Statements, subsequent statements for ALL accounts will be made available to you online.

Can I request Phillip Securities to send my past monthly statements to me?

Yes, the following fees will apply:

Within the past 12 months$21.40 per statement
More than 12 months$32.10 per statement

Where can I view my e-Statements?

You may view and download your PDF e-Statements via POEMS/FAME e-Statements module.

Can I access e-Statements from POEMS mobile app?

Yes, e-Statements is now available on POEMS Mobile 2.0 app (version 2.7.0 and above).

How do I opt-out for e-Statement service through POEMS/FAME?

a) Log in to POEMS 2.0 > Acct Mgmt > e-Statements > Manage e-Statements; or
b) Log in to POEMS Mobile > e-Statements > Settings > Manage e-Statements; or
c) Log in to FAME > e-Statements