Frequently Asked Questions

Demo Account

What is the POEMS Demo Account?

POEMS offers a free 30-day demo account for you to try out our suite of award-winning platforms. Absolutely risk-free.

How do I register for a POEMS Demo account?

Register for a demo account

After you have completed the registration, you will receive an email that contains a link to activate your demo account. The login credentials will be sent to you upon account activation.

What are the trading platforms that I can access with the POEMS demo account?

You will be able to access our entire suite of platforms with your demo account:
POEMS 2.0, POEMS Mobile 2.0 & POEMS Pro.

Login to your demo account on POEMS 2.0
Download POEMS Mobile 2.0 on iPhone/iPad and Android Smartphones & Tablets
Download POEMS Pro for Windows OS

How long does a POEMS demo account last?

POEMS demo account lasts for 30 calendar days after account activation. After 30 days, you will not be able to log in using the demo account credentials.

Can I renew my POEMS demo account?

Demo renewals are not available. You might wish to consider signing up for a Live Trading account to experience the full suite of POEMS features.

Can I open multiple POEMS demo accounts?

You can only open one demo account per email address.

Why are there ‘Lock’ icons on some of the tabs in the POEMS 2.0 Demo?

The ‘Lock’ icon indicates that the particular feature is currently not available in the demo trading platform. To experience the full suite of POEMS features, you will need to sign up for a Live Trading Account.

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What are the products currently available in POEMS 2.0 Demo?

With the demo account, you will be able to access the following:
  • Stocks and Forex on POEMS 2.0
  • Stocks on POEMS Mobile 2.0 & POEMS Pro

I forgot my demo username and password. How can I retrieve them?

Please email your login id along with the subject "Demo - Password Reset Request” to

The new password will be sent to your registered email in 2 working days.

What are the different exchanges available for Stocks?

The exchanges available in POEMS Demo are SGX, HKEX, AMEX, NASDAQ and NYSE.

Where can I view my contracts and settlement details?

In the POEMS Demo, any purchase payment will be automatically deducted from the demo account once the trade is executed. Likewise, when any sell order is submitted and executed, the sales proceeds will be credited into your Available Cash immediately.

As such, contract statements are not available for demo account. You will be able to view your realised profit or loss from ‘Acct Mgmt’ -> ‘Account Details’ page (on POEMS 2.0) and from 'Outstanding Positions' (on POEMS Mobile 2.0). Details of your transactions can be viewed from Transactions History or Settled Positions.

Are the prices listed for the different exchanges displaying live or delayed feeds?

In POEMS Demo, live prices are displayed for the SG market. For HK and US markets, delayed prices are displayed.