A comprehensive guide to help you make the switch from..

Classic POEMS to POEMS 2.0


Logging in

  1. Go to www.poems.com.sg
  2. Enter your Account Number and Password in the fields at the top right hand corner – your account number and password is the same as what you use to log in to Classic POEMS (POEMS Internet or P1)


Importing your Watchlist

  1. In the Prices (LP1) or Trade (LP2) tab, click on the Watchlist sub-tab
  2. Click on the dropdown list and select the Import Watchlist option
    • The left panel shows your Watchlists from Classic POEMS, while the right panel shows your Watchlists in POEMS 2.0
  3. On the right panel, select the POEMS 2.0 Watchlist that you would like to import the counters to
  4. Drag your desired counters or Watchlist from the left panel and drop them in the right panel
  5. Once you are done, click on the Confirm button to save your changes


Submitting a Trade

  1. In the Trade (LP2) tab, click once on your desired counter under the View Price widget
    • The selected counter’s information will be populated in the Trade widget located on the right
  2. Select the Order Type and the Trade Action [BUY/SELL]
    • SHORT option is available for SGX only
  3. Enter the Limit Price and Total Quantity
    • Gross value is calculated based on your selection
  4. Select your Payment Type, Settlement Currency, and Order Validity, if required
  5. Enter your Password and click on the BUY/SELL button
  6. On the next screen, preview and confirm your order
  7. Click on the SUBMIT button and the order will be submitted
  8. Remember to check out the order status for your trade details



Amending / Withdrawing a Trade

Amending a Trade
  1. To amend an order, select the order by clicking on the checkbox in the Order Status widget
  2. Click on the amend button
  3. Indicate your desired quantity
  4. Then enter your Password and click on the Confirm button
  5. The amended order will be updated in the Order Status


Withdrawing a Trade
  1. To withdraw an order, select the order by clicking on the checkbox in the Order Status widget
  2. Click on the Withdraw button
  3. Enter your Password and click on the Confirm button
  4. The withdrawn order will be updated in the Order Status

Why POEMS 2.0?

Classic POEMS (commonly known as P1 or POEMS Internet) has been in service since 1996. Yes, you read that right! It’s been over 20 years since P1 was launched.

In order to better serve our customers’ needs and keep up with technological advances, we launched POEMS 2.0 (also known as P2) in 2013. POEMS 2.0 has since been proven indispensable to our clients and, along with POEMS Mobile 2.0 and POEMS Mercury, form the award-winning POEMS suite of trading platforms which has won the hearts of many.

Taking into consideration the feedback from our customers, we redesigned POEMS 2.0 in 2017/18 to provide you with a seamless and intuitive web-based trading experience. Why hesitate? It’s time for you to try out POEMS 2.0 now!

*Classic POEMS is scheduled for discontinuation. Details will be announced at a later date.

Note: All depictions of trades by image are for illustrative purposes only and not a recommendation to buy or sell any particular financial instrument.

Multi-Asset, Multi-Market

Gain unparalleled access to over 40,000 financial products across more than 26 global exchanges in just a single login. Diversify your portfolio with access to multi-asset classes such as Equities, Contracts For Differences (CFDs), Fixed Income, Unit Trust, Futures and FX, all within one trading platform.

Intuitive Interface

Better Readability & Reduced Space Wastage

P2 features an intuitive user interface with easy access to the most commonly-used functions such as viewing prices, placing trades, monitoring your orders and market insights. The display you see on P2 today is a result of careful research on best practices to help our customers manage their trading and investments at a glance.

Advanced Order Types

Manage trading risks more efficiently with a variety of advanced order types, such as Stop Limit and Limit If Touched Orders, available at your convenience. P2 gives you the flexibility and tools required to better manage your portfolio and deal with fluctuating market conditions.

Alerts & Notifications

Get customisable, real-time order updates straight from your desktop with Live Order Notifications. Order updates will appear in your trade history logs instantly when your trades are executed successfully.

Customisable Workspaces

Personalise your P2 workspace to suit your trading needs! Choose from a wide range of widgets, then mix and match, and finally re-arrange your workspace just the way you like it! Pre-set templates are also available for active traders or long-term investors.

Global Chart-Live

Empower your trading and analysis with real-time streaming data, historical data, customisable chart settings and technical indicators on a single chart across different asset classes and exchanges.

Global Watchlist

With Global Watchlist, you can easily add and monitor items of different market or asset classes from your Watchlists. Add up to 50 counters per Watchlist in P2, up to a total of 10 Watchlists.

For even greater convenience, any change that you make to your P2 watchlists will be automatically reflected in POEMS Mobile 2.0 and vice versa!

Trading with POEMS 2.0
Unfamiliar with POEMS 2.0? Click and watch one of these tutorials or attend our seminars to learn more about this award-winning trading platform!

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POEMS 2.0 - Submitting a Trade
POEMS 2.0 - Amending / Withdrawing a Trade

POEMS 2.0 - Global Watchlist
POEMS 2.0 - Importing your Classic POEMS Watchlist into POEMS 2.0
POEMS 2.0 - Customizing Your Workspace

Wish to learn more about the POEMS Suite of Platforms?

For more information on POEMS 2.0, do refer to our FAQs. Alternatively, please feel free to contact your Trading Representative or call our Customer Experience Team
at +65-6531 1555 for more information.

If you are an active trader, why not consider using POEMS Mercury, our powerful desktop-based application designed to give you a high performance and efficient trading experience?