Frequently Asked Questions

Live Positions

What is Live Positions [Beta]?

The Live Positions is a value-added feature that allow you to have a quick overview of the live profit and loss performance of your equity trades and/or net stockholdings.

This feature is currently in Beta. If you have any feedback, please feel free to drop your Trading Representative an email with a screenshot attached.

I have a Cash Plus (CashPlus+) / Margin (M) / Prepaid Custodian account (CC) – what can I access?

You will be able to access the full functionalities of the Live Positions feature. You will have the option to view one or consolidated positions from Intraday Positions, Settled Positions, and Outstanding Positions. All options will be selected by default, and you may customize by select/deselect the checkboxes accordingly.

What if I am holding onto other account types other than CashPlus+, M and CC account?

For other account types such as Cash Management (KC), Cash Trading (T) and Custodian (C) account type, you will have access to the intraday feature only.

Why is there nothing reflected in my Live Positions?

For KC, T and C account types, the intraday feature will be updated after the submitted intraday trades are done.

For CashPlus+, M and CC, you will be able to view your existing net holdings (Settled Positions + Outstanding Positions) in Live Positions even if there is no intraday trades done on that day. If you have intraday trades done, you can customize to view the three consolidated positions at a glance.

Why the figures in Realized Profit in Intraday Profit and Loss is higher than what I see in the contract note?

The calculation of Intraday Profit and Loss are indicative as it excludes charges such as commissions, taxes and other related trading fees. You may refer to your contract notes to view the finalized contract details.

Where can I find the Live Positions feature?

On POEMS 2.0, you can access the feature by clicking on ‘Acct Mgmt > Stocks > Live Positions’. The feature is also searchable from POEMS 2.0 Widget Store if you wish to customize your workspace.

How are the figures in Live Positions computed?

The methodology used for computation can be found in the ‘Disclaimer’ pop-up when you first access the feature. You may re-visit the disclaimer on the top right corner of the Live Positions feature.

What is the ‘Current Price’ field referring to?

The ‘Current Price’ field refers to the Last Done Price of the counter.

I noticed that the ‘Current Price’ field is not updated in real-time. Why is that so?

The ‘Current Price’ field will reflect live or delayed data based on your live price subscription for the respective exchanges traded.

What exchange rate do you use for computation in the Live Positions feature?

The exchange rate used for computation is based on the latest rate published in POEMS 2.0. Kindly note that the rates are indicative for the purpose of live position computation.

Through the Live Positions feature, can I find out what is my Buy/Sell Quantity and Average Buy/Sell prices for each counter?

Yes. You may do so by selecting the ‘Show Details’ checkbox on the top right corner of the feature.