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POEMS Mobile 2.0

 What is POEMS Mobile 2.0 Alerts?

POEMS Mobile 2.0 Alerts is an integrated alerts system comprising of
  1. Price Alerts: Push notifications to your designated mobile devices within seconds of your counter reaching your pre-determined condition(s). Choose from a variety of condition settings such as low or high price targets, percentage change targets or even volume targets. Price alerts feature is available for the following assets:
    1. Equities (all exchanges)
    2. CFD / CFD-DMA / CFD-World Indices
    3. Unit Trusts
  2. Order Alerts: Be alerted for order-specific notifications. You can trigger alerts when your order has been received, done, rejected, withdrawn, amended and more.
  3. Account Alerts: Push notifications for account-related alerts such as margin calls or account ledger deficit
  4. Announcements: Important announcements such as system maintenance, trading holidays or promotions are triggered here.

POEMS Mobile 2.0 Alerts are synchronized with POEMS 2.0 (desktop) and POEMS Mobile 3. Kindly note that POEMS Mobile 2.0 Alerts is a value-added service provided to you free-of-charge. As the Push Notification Service is provisioned by Apple/Android operating systems, POEMS cannot guarantee the successful or timely receipt of the alerts.

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