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 What happens if I do not meet any of the assessment criteria?

If you do not meet any of the CAR & CKA assessment criteria, you may sit for the online E-learning module:

(A) For Listed SIPs:

If you fail the online CAR Assessment, please complete the SGX Online Education on listed SIP and inform your Trading Representative upon your completion of the course;

Remember to list Phillip Securities as your main brokerage partner when you fill in the Customer Account Review (CAR) online declaration on SGX website. This will allow Phillip Securities to access your CAR result from SGX.

If you have passed CAR by completing the SGX learning module prior to 15 Jan 2015, you are encouraged to re-take the SGX learning module if you have not transacted in listed SIPs more than once during that 3-year period, and do not satisfy any other criteria for the assessment of CAR.

Upon the expiry of CAR, you are also encouraged to go through the SGX learning module again if you have not met any of the CAR assessment criteria.

(B) For Unlisted SIPs:

If you fail the CKA Assessment, please complete the online education on unlisted SIP and inform your Trading Representative upon your completion of the course.

Do note that you may sell your holdings or close your existing position even if you have not passed CKA (CFDs) and CKA (UT).

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