How can I trade using my CPF?

  1. Open a CPF Investment Scheme (CPFIS) account with an agent bank (POSB/DBS, UOB, OCBC). For more details, please refer to CPF Website.
  2. Link your CPFIS Account to your trading Account: Log in to POEMS 2.0 > My settings > My account > Bank A/C information
  3. Before investing, check to ensure that you have computed the investable amount / sufficient holdings before order submission.
  4. After the linkage has been established, you will need to select the option "CPF" under "trade type" in order to use your CPF OA/SA funds for settlement. Please note that settlement currency must be in SGD.
  5. If “CPF” is not selected under “trade type”, the trade will be defaulted to cash settlement.
  6. CPF trade type selection is only available for shares included under CPFIS.
  7. Please link your CPF OA/SA account before 6pm for it to be updated within the same working day.

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