Frequently Asked Questions


What is POEMS Pro?

POEMS Pro is an application-based advanced trading platform, designed for active traders like you. It is available to all existing POEMS customers.

Download POEMS Pro and install it on your computer.

What is my login ID and password?

Your login details are the same as that used to log in for POEMS 2.0, POEMS Mobile or classic POEMS. No separate login details are required.

Is 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) supported on POEMS Pro?

Yes, 2FA is supported on POEMS Pro. For more information on 2FA activation, please click here.

What are the assets tradable on POEMS Pro?

POEMS Pro is a multi-asset platform that offers trading for the following asset classes: Equities, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) and Contracts for Differences (CFDs / CFD-DMA)

Can I view orders placed through POEMS Pro on POEMS 2.0?

You may only view/withdraw SGX Limit and Stop Limit day orders placed through POEMS Pro on POEMS 2.0. Simply go to the ‘Order Status’ tab, under ‘Today’s Orders’. Likewise, the orders placed using POEMS 2.0 or POEMS Mobile will be reflected on POEMS Pro. You may view and/or withdraw these orders using POEMS Pro.

However, for foreign markets, only working limit orders placed on POEMS Pro will be shown on POEMS 2.0. For the advanced order types, it will be reflected in POEMS 2.0 only when the orders are completed. CFD Synthetic Orders placed through POEMS Pro will not be reflected on other platforms until the order is filled.

Can I withdraw my orders after placing them?

You can, however, orders that have been processed (done) cannot be withdrawn.

Can I amend my orders after placing them?

You can decrease the quantity of order placed, with no change in queue priority. Applicable for SGX orders only.

Which markets are currently available for trading on POEMS Pro?

The following are the markets available for trading on POEMS Pro:
  1. SGX (Singapore Stock Exchange)
  2. HKEx (Hong Kong Stock Exchange)
  3. SSE (Shanghai Stock Exchange)
  4. SZSE (Shenzhen Stock Exchange)
  5. Bursa (Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange)
  6. NYSE (New York Stock Exchange)
  7. NYSE MKT (formerly known as AMEX)
  9. SET (The Stock Exchange of Thailand)
  10. FWB (Frankfurt Stock Exchange)
  11. LSE (London Stock Exchange)
  12. TSE (Tokyo Stock Exchange)

What are the Order Types available on POEMS Pro?

  1. Limit Order
  2. Stop Limit Order
  3. Limit-If-Touch
  4. IF-Done Related Order
  5. OCO (One Cancels Other) Related Order
  6. Market Order
  7. Market-On-Open
  8. Market-On-Close

What Order Validities are available on POEMS Pro?

(1) Day Order
The order is only valid for the day that it is entered into the order book. Unexecuted orders will automatically expire at the end of the trading day.

(2) Good-till-Date (GTD)
Clients can specify up to a maximum of 30 days for their orders to stay active. The orders will stay active until completed or cancelled.

How many counters can I set in the Watchlists in POEMS Pro?

You can create 12 Watchlists with 50 counters per Watchlist.

Why am I seeing delayed prices for the foreign markets?

If you are receiving delayed prices for foreign markets, it is likely that your Phillip Account does not have live price access for the respective market. Simply log in to POEMS 2.0, go to ‘Rewards’ tab and select ‘New Rewards Subscription’ to subscribe.

How do I get access to Market Depth for respective markets on POEMS Pro?

If your Phillip Account has an existing Market Depth subscription, you will be able to get access to the respective market's Market Depth via POEMS Pro. If you do not have an existing Market Depth subscription, simply log in to POEMS 2.0, go to the ‘Rewards’ Tab and select ‘New Rewards Subscription’ to subscribe.
SGX Subscribe from the Rewards tab in POEMS 2.0
HKEx Available with the HKEx Live Price subscription, subscribe from the Rewards tab in POEMS 2.0
NYSE / NYSE MKT / NASDAQ / Bursa / SZSE / SET / FWB / LSE / TSE Market Depth for these exchanges are not available

What is OB Trader?

Order Book (OB) Trader, is a one-click trading tool designed for the fast execution of orders. You may use it to trade directly on the Live Price or Market Depth, while amending and withdrawing orders through the same window. Do note that you will need to subscribe to SGX Market Depth or Live Price to use it for foreign markets.

Asset Classes available: Stocks, CFD, CFD-DMAs, CFD Indices
Exchanges available: SGX, NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, HKEX, TSE, KLSE and SET (stocks only)

Click to learn more about One-Click Trading and how to perform it via OB Trader on POEMS Pro

Where can I find the POEMS Pro user guide?

To view the user guide, simply log in to POEMS Pro, click on the "Help" icon located at the top right corner, and select "User Guide".

Can I submit Buy or Sell orders of more than 1,000,000 quantity in POEMS Pro?

Yes. Simply go to Settings > Select Trade > Trading Limit > Edit the “Max Buy Qty/Max Sell Qty” for the selected product(s) > Enter in your POEMS password > Click on Apply.