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Market Data & Rewards

 How do I subscribe or make payment for Market Data & Rewards?

  • By POEMS Reward points
    1. In POEMS 2.0, click on the Market Data & Rewards tab, then click on the New Subscriptions subtab
    2. Select the product that you want to redeem by clicking on the checkbox next to it
    3. Select the number of months for subscription from the dropdown list (If applicable)
    4. Click on the ‘Submit’ button
    5. Review your redemption request
    6. Click the checkbox to confirm your email address (If applicable)
    7. Click on the "Confirm" button to complete your redemption

    Your Total Points Available will be deducted upon successful redemption. Kindly note that upon successful redemption, no amendment and/or refund requests can be made.

  • By Deduction from the available funds in a Ledger-Based POEMS Trading Account
    1. In POEMS 2.0, click on Acct Mgmt > Stocks > Online Forms on the left side menu
    2. Under the Withdrawal & Conversion, select Withdrawn Form and choose Market Data & Rewards (Cash Payment) option
    3. Select your desired product from the dropdown list*
    4. Click on the Submit button
    5. Review your withdrawal request
    6. Enter your ‘Password’ and click on the OK button to confirm your request

    * If the product you desire is not in the dropdown list, please select the Others – Please specify option.

    • Enter your desired product in the Description field
    • Enter the amount to withdraw in the Amount to be withdrawn field

    Withdrawal submissions before 10am will be processed by the next working day.

    Withdrawal submissions after 10am will be processed by the next two working days.

  • By Internet Bill Payment (For Cash Trading and Ledger-Based POEMS Trading Accounts)
    1. Login to your Internet Banking (POSB/DBS Bank, UOB Bank, OCBC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank & Maybank)
    2. Choose the Bill Payment option and select the Billing Organisation as PHILLIP SECURITIES PTE LTD
    3. Enter your 7 digit Trading Account number (Eg. trading account “123456”, to enter as “0123456”)


    For payments made via Internet Bill Payment: Please inform your Trading Representative once payment has been made, so that he/she make the necessary arrangements.

    For Live Prices (Non-Professional), you will be required to complete an Online Agreement Form after clicking the checkbox. For Live Prices (Professional), please click on the ‘Agreement’ link and complete the steps indicated. Please note that subscriber assume all liability declaring status as a Professional Investor or Non-Professional Investor and will be held accountable for all applicable penalties and/or the Exchange fees if declaration is incorrect.

    Kindly note that there will be no refund of the unused portion of the subscription fee should you wish to terminate any services prior to the expiry date of the subscription.

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